RDP Usage Rules

Strictly Not Allowed In All Shared RDP Plans:

  • Browser Mining
  • CPU Mining
  • Bot Programs (All)
  • Bot Checker (Account Checkers)
  • BTC Mining
  • YouTube & Facebook Watch-time Completing
  • Mass Mailing Software (Except in Spamming RDP)
  • Email Checkers (Except in Private RDP)
  • Proxy/VPN Software (Except in Private RDP & Cheap Dedicated Servers)
  • Traffic Bot (IPTS, Traffic Spirit Etc Allowed Only In Private RDP)
  • Live Streaming Software (Except in Cheap Streaming RDP & Private RDP & Cheap Dedicated Servers)
  • Android emulators Expect Cheap Dedicated Servers Plans
  • Hacking Tools (BruteForce, DDOS, Scanners, Etc.)
  • Server Type Software (XAMP, ISS Etc) Expect Private RDP & Cheap Dedicated Servers
  • Encoding Programs (Except in Encoding RDP Plans)
  • Antivirus (More Trouble Than It’s Worth)
  • High CPU Usage Programs

Not Allowed In Private RDP:

  • Adding Other User Accounts (If You Want To Add Extra User Contact Support & Pay Extra User Fee 5$)
  • Mass Mailing & Hacking Tools (DDOS, Scanners, Etc.) Expect Spamming RDP Plans.
  • BTC & Crypto Mining Not Strictly Allowed.
  • All Other Activities Allowed (Which Are Banned In Shared RDP Plans)

Allowed In Starter & Basic RDP:

  • Request Own Software Installation (Before Installing First We Will Check Software If Meets To Our Policies Then We Will Install)
  • Basic Work
  • Downloading & Uploading
  • Personal Work
  • Compressing

Allowed In Admin RDP:

  • Install Own Basic Software By Yourself By Run As an Administrator
  • Right-Click And Select To Run As Administrator Then Type Your Password In Blue Box
  • Do Admin Activities
  • Basic RDP Activities

Allowed Activities In Private RDP:

  • All Other Activities Allowed Which Are Banned In Basic, Admin & Encoding RDP
  • Full Admin Access
  • Install Your Desired Software
  • YouTube & Facebook Watch time
  • Live Streaming (OBS/Streamyard)
  • Proxy/VPN Software
  • Act Just Like Your Personal Computer

Note 1: Any Virtual Machine (VM) Making Software Will Not Work In Any RDP Plan Expect Cheap Dedicated Servers Plans.

Note 2: Mass Mailing on Banking Phishing & Government Institutes is Not Allowed.

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